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2nd-Jun-2013 03:49 am - [sticky post] いらっしゃいませ!
Hi! I'm Kiri and I'm a JE fangirl currently living in Japan ^_^

Even though I wish I had time to keep up with my LJ a lot more, I really don't >< I am much more active in twitter so if you want to talk to me I think that's a better option! :3 Here!

If you care to know more about me you can read the basics -->here<-- This lj has personal posts about my life and also any concert or butai reports that I might go to ^_^

This was just so cute I couldn't resist translating all of it. Even though it was super long, but every single line was worth it. These two are really hilarious together, and Chinechan is just my forever favorite brat. I hope you like it! If you want to share it just please credit back to this post :) I hope you like it!


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I don't usually translate full interviews, just bits and pieces in twitter, but I liked every single line of this interview so I found myself wanting to tweet all of it, this was the result. This is SO adorable. I love both Arashi and Sexy Zone so much, and I've always loved Sho and Fuma's relationship so this interview was happiness for me X3

Neither Japanese nor English are my first language so I'm sure there will be mistakes in this, I apologize in advance, I hope at least the main feelings and ideas get through.

If you want to repost/quote or whatever I would appreciate if you could credit. That's all I ask ;)

Just one thing that doesn't get through with translations, Fuma used keigo the entire interview, always talking very politely to Sho, always calling him "Sho-kun" it was very well-mannered and cute. On the other hand Sho-chan always referred to him as "Fuma" using normal speech and always referring to him very friendly-like. Their relationship is so cute ;o;

Sho Sakurai x Fuma Kikuchi Special Talk

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